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by Awesome Place Fun Pvt Ltd 27 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Birthdays are a time for merry-making, and certainly, gifts are a very big part of the same! The best birthday gifts for kids could be anything that they love. But it is always a good choice to depend on gifts which add value to their lives. This is one of the primary reasons we believe that depending on Awesome Place to choose birthday gifts for kids is the best decision you can take upon! 

We have an array of choices that your kids will love, and most importantly, the offers are worth the effort! Currently, we are running a prolific 20% offer on candle-making kits, and trust us, not only kids; even adults have a gala time with this DIY project! 


4 Tips to Finding the Best Birthday Gifts for Children

Best Choices That One Can Invest On:

We all know that today's kids have the best time playing video games! But what is it that can help them actualise their potentials at best without having to stare at the screen for long? This era has also ushered in numerous DIY projects, which keeps the children involved and foster creativity in the little minds. Some of the most potent options in this respect include:

1. DIY KITS FOR KIDS- Chocolate Making Kit:  

There is probably no kid in the world who does not like chocolates, right? Chocolate is something that cheers them up instantly and ensures that they are all energetic! The taste certainly increases manifold when the kids make the chocolates all by themselves and with their small gentle hands! This DIY set is the best of the lot as not only do they get chocolates; they can make these delicious treats! 

This is an educational piece and certainly one of the most coveted possessions with which you can present a kid! It comes with an array of beautiful moulds, and this ensures that your chocolate gets the most beautiful design! The kit comes with all the materials required for making delicious dark milk and white chocolate.

2. Candle Making DIY Kit- Gel and Wax Candles Both: 

Other than studies, kids should always be indulged in doing something that makes them happy and brings out creativity! Not only that but the kids get to learn a lot because there are gel colours involved! Another great option for birthday gifts for kids is candle making sets. This kit comes with all the requirements which are necessary to make candles.

These candles, once constructed, burn for almost 8 hours and ensure that they brighten up the aura of the room! They look quite dainty as well, which is the primary reason why the kids will feel attracted. The kit comes at only INR.599, and you can also get it without paying anything extra as shipping charges.

3. DIY Kits For Kids: Soap Making Kits: 

What if we say that your kids could craft luxurious soaps and that too in various flavours? Well, as much exotic as it sounds, this kit comes with a myriad of options that allows the kiddies to build perfect soap bars for usage! This kit has enough goodies, which will allow them to make at least 3 soaps of standard size! 

This is certainly one of the best gift for kids on birthday and something that will keep them hooked for hours. The kit comes at a discounted price of just INR 549, and you do not have to pay for any extra shipping charges as well!

4. DIY Kits For KIDS- Mini Gardening Kit: 

Gardening is something that not only keeps the child busy but also ensures that they get to learn a lot. This keeps them close to nature and ensures that they build on a co-dependent relationship with the mother nature. This option is a great choice if you are looking for the best birthday gifts for kids but do not want to invest in the same old candies or dresses! This kit is comprehensive and has all the tools custom made for the usage of your little kiddies! 

Birthdays are certainly a special occasion; however, always choose to gift the kids something which enriches their knowledge potential. Choose Awesome Place as we have some of the most promising gift options, which help the kids learn more! Not only that, the gifts comes with tons of discount offers as well, making the gifts not very heavy on your pockets!
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