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by Awesome Place Fun Pvt Ltd 05 Mar 2022 0 Comments

On the one hand, raising a kid could be termed the most joyous experience of parenthood. On the other hand, however, it can also be quite hectic for the parents and not always bring out the best. So, the question remains what can be done to make a difference. However, there are quite a few tactics parents can retreat to answer that question. 

Every child is unique, and parents have to be communicative and understanding enough to tackle their tantrums. However, the best thing about children is that they have a low attention span, which the parent can utilise to distract them from one thing and keep them engaged in something else. Therefore, DIY kits for kids can be the best thing you can invest in.

So, to keep them engaged uniquely, here are a few things you can consider. These items can also be regarded as thoughtful birthday gifts for kids. If your child has an artistic trait or knack for collages, the Awesome Place Shop has a few mosaic art collections you can look into. 

DIY Unicorn Mosiac Art - Dream Catcher & Wall Hanging 

Children love the concept of mystical places and mythical creatures. Unicorns are one such creature that has intrigued schoolers and writers to create a world surrounding them. These stories have been told and retold several times, and children seem to love them even today. 

So, with these DIY kits for kids, you can let your child remain in their imaginative world for a little while. There are multiple colourful glass mosaic pieces included in the package, which the kid could use to craft something bright, create colourful patterns or shapes, and fill up the surface of the unicorn-themed wooden base. 

DIY Mermaid Nameboard Art Kit 

Like we said before, mythical creatures can be pretty intriguing to children, and another creature on our list is the mermaid. The DIY Mermaid Nameboard Art Kit is an ocean-themed wall plate with laser-cut ocean elements. These elements are specially designed with blunt edges not to cause an accident. 

If the child likes painting, they are sure to like this as birthday gifts for kids or other cases. They can paint the whole art however they want and even use glow-in-the-dark colours for highlighting several objects. They can create their own colourful ocean wall art or add their name on a door plate. 

The 7 in 1 Dino Kit 

Dinosaurs have certainly perished, but their popularity is still relatively high, especially among children. Hence, this 7 in 1 Dino Kit can be attractive to children, especially as a birthday present. It has an extravagant combination of 7 items for children to indulge in. 

The kid can use this pack of items to create a wall hanging art, bathing soap, wax candles, fossil magnets, mini-garden, slime, and an excavation box for children. All these things can be made from this one kit, ensuring your child has at least something to keep them occupied for quite a few days up to weeks. This makes these kits the best online birthday gifts for kids. 

DIY Dinosaur Art - Dream Catcher & Wall Hanging 

Looking for the best return gifts for children? We got the perfect solution! The DIY Dinosaur Art - Dream Catcher & Wall Hanging kit contains a dinosaur-themed wooden base like the unicorn mosaic art. It will also include colourful mosaic glass tile pieces and glue. The kid can fill up the base with these bright bits and pieces and create their art. Once the pieces are glued correctly, the art piece can be kept as a wall hanging. 

DIY Nameboard For Space Lovers 

Now straying away from mythology and stepping back to reality, outer space, or the galaxy is also a pretty far-fetching subject that can be included in a fun way in your child’s world. The DIY Nameboard For Space Lovers is a space-themed wall plate that your children will decorate. You can also consider this as return gifts for birthday party. 

The space set will attract the children, designed for safe usage. They can use the objects of the space set and glue them over the wooden base. It also contains different colours and one glow-in-the-dark colour for the kid to design the space with their imagination.


When you are on parenting duty, your goal will keep the little one busy. Of course, you can always bring out the toys and other playthings your kid likes, which can be quite a solution. There are many offline stores for birthday gifts that you can explore for such interesting DIY kits. These art and craft products can be pretty compelling for kids who quickly get lost in their imaginary world.
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