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Your child will love the whole process of making cool, extra stretchy, gooey, drippy, shiny, glittery SLIME! Well most of the slime KITS what we buy either get into the bin as the results aren't great. Our easy to follow Instruction will help any child to make the perfect slime and not have any disappointed while making them.

Make 5 different types of Slime from this KIT

1. Bubble gum slime
2. Clear & Transparent - super stretchy stars slime
3. Ocean themed slime
4. Orbeez slime
5. Glow in the dark slime

Skills learned – Visual, Motor, Observation, Logical, Science.


  1. Detailed instruction sheet
  2. 8 Water Glue gum
  3. 4 Fevi-glue
  4. 12 paints
  5. 1 Measuring squeezers
  6. Mixing jar
  7. Wooden Stirrers
  8. 5 Storage jars
  9. 1 pack of Slime activator powder
  10. Paint colors
  11. 3 Glitter packs
  12. 1 Star glitter pack
  13. 1 pack of Orbeez
  14. Ocean Material - shells, foam fish to make ocean slime
  15. 1 pack of Foam balls



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