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Construction Sensory Bin - for an open-ended play for kids. Your little one will love the feel of beach sand, rocks and construction toys and play endlessly with it. Improves Imagination, Fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, explore and engage in endless play. Perfect for kids who love construction and vehicles. 

This set comes with

1. A storage box / play tray
2. Alphabets for letter practice - Paint them and hide them in the bin
3. Construction pack - consists 6 construction toys
4. Scoopers
5. Funnel

6. Colored fine sand
7. Colored pebbles

8. Transport coloring book - Use it as art and craft book. Encourage your child to stick colored sand to make some real looking vehicles

Materials used

Sanitized and clean beach sand
Play material - plastic


We make this based on pre-order only. Order will take 48 hours to dispatch upon receiving it.

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