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These can be gifted as Birthday / Return gifts for kids birthday parties, can be part of your home/garden decor. The colorful mosaic makes kids super engaging and happy with their creation. Comes in various themes - Unicorn, Dinosaur and Rainbow. 

Easy to setup and do DIY kits from Awesome place helps kids to conceptualize and create a unique piece of art. Its a great way to spend quality time with your kids and help them make something from scratch. 

This Wall plate comes with Dinosaur laser cut wooden pieces and a circular wooden base. The dinosaur set is lasered cut and has smoothened edges and surface. Kids can place the pieces, design , paint and glue the pieces to make a beautiful Dinosaur Wall plate. They can paint their name and make a customized door plate too! They can paint the wall plate with glow in the dark paint and make them look so interesting during night!

The objective of this DIY activity is not just to create a beautiful Art piece with all necessary tools and techniques but also to use this art as a room décor

Simple, clear instructions. Make it your next family craft project- Bond through a shared craft activity for siblings, adults, family and friends. Engages kids to explore, imagine, create and learn through creative play.

Contents in the box:

Wooden Base, 2 big size Dinosaur, other decorative mdf elements,12 color paints, Paint Brush, Color palette , black sketch pen and 10ml of glow in the dark paint.

A great gift for kids above 4 Years who are able to hold brush and paint.

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Dipika Kothari

Dino Door Name plate