Meaningful and Creative Birthday and Return gifts for 2+yrs


Birthdays are always special! Although it comes once in 365 days, the child eagerly waits for the day throughout the year. It is a day to make your little treasure fly high with excitement and joy! For this reason, themed birthday parties are getting more popular than ever. Make your child scream with pleasure on his upcoming birthday with an incredible party theme idea like a jungle safari or an ocean world. Find out what’s trending in the market and how every parent is trying to contribute to his child's smile. 

When we talk about themed birthdays, the ocean theme is the unanimous winner among young parents. Reason? The under sea life, marine animals and aquatic plants are an area of massive curiosity for the child and the grown ones. With sparkling blue decorations, themed birthday cake, gifts appropriate for the occasion like the ocean sensory jars, and infinite joy and laughter, an ocean themed birthday leaves happy memories in mind. 

Not just that, the child also receives practical learning about the unexplored world of marine creatures. These days many DIY kits for kids are readily available in the market, based on particular themes. These educational kits can help in enriching the child’s knowledge and can expose him to new landscapes. So let us know how we can create a birthday party that speaks and feels OCEANIC. 


With so many professional decorators in the city, you can quickly contact one and describe and discuss the theme and head for an all-in-blue decor for the day. 

Birthday Cake 

Birthday Cake

Youngsters prefer themed cakes, and how can an ocean themed cake made with fondant in the shape of cute starfishes, mini-octopuses, tiny whales, creepy crabs go wrong for the special day! 


Does your child like dressing up mysteriously? Give him a dolphin suit or any of his favourite marine-themed costumes, and watch the little one jump in joy! 



How about planning a blue lagoon for refreshment drink and trying some attractively presented sea-food. Even the salads can be cut in style to match a set theme for a party. 

Birthday Present 

Can a birthday be complete without a gift for your naughty charm! An ocean themed sensory bin can be one of the best birthday gifts for kids. Play, create and enjoy with these educational DIY kits available online. 

Return Gifts 

Return Gifts

How can you wrap the show without some intriguing yet fantastic return gifts for kids? Well, this is a mandatory purchase if you want to please the little guests at your event. Return gifts for kids birthday parties can be easily bought online, and with so many ocean-themed gifts at Awesome Place Shop, you can land up some exclusive budget buys! 

Why Should You Replace Conventional Presents With New-Age DIY Kits For Kids? 

These days parents are greatly concerned about giving their child the optimum exposure to learning in a new but smart way. Here is where the traditional birthday gifts for kids like a tiffin box or a dress or a toy are being replaced by education DIY sets. Today’s kids love to indulge in interactive playsets where they can discover new areas and enhance their sense of existence. 

Awesome Place Shop is one place where you can get online birthday gifts for kids and numerous other DIY kits that can contribute to a positive transformation of your child. Let your cutie-pie develop his sensory skills and peer socialising skills with an engaging kids arts and crafts box. Choose from the numerous theme of the sensory bins from the online store and make your kid’s next birthday a gala event! Peep through now, for some exclusive discounts!!!

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