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Happiness is home made - Activity for kids - Art and Craft for kids

Ira and Neil - the super-packed powerhouse of energy and love. What doubles their energies and love for everything in life is festivals and celebrations we have at home. Happiness is home made - because they are involved, right from research, sourcing to making some beautiful DIY products of art and craft for kids.

Covid Holi - the ban of playing Holi failry disappointed them. We were not too prepared with colors and Holi guns this year. Nevertheless - created something out of nothing this morning. Holi colors - Pounded, mixed and mashed and the colors were ready. It was super fun to watch them play and having the sense of achievement of creating something from scratch. This is one of the best activity for kids. They loved the texture and mixing the colors and flour with their hands. I have been entitled as the best Art & Craft teacher by my kid today! :)

Contents needed
1. Corn flour
2. Food colors
3. And tiny little hands
4. Any essence

Mix the food color into the corn flour and start mixing, till you get the desired color of your choice.

Follow the video below to mix the colors. The Holi colors shown in the video are all made at home. Watch the video now and learn this beautiful activity for kids

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