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How to Make Easy DIY Scratch Art Paper for Kids!

Why buy expensive scratch pads, when you can make one at home with kids? Cheap, fun and a high quality scratch pad made by your kids with a little direction from you! These DIY Kits are helpful for enhancing creativity in kids and its so rewarding and motivating for them as it's made from scratch by them! 

Materials Needed

  1. Crayons / Oil pastels(If you have neon colours, they look so bright too)
  2. Hard paper
  3. Black paint(Acrylic or Tempera)
  4. Sharpened pencil / Q-Tip / Tooth picks
  5. Dishwash liquid – Few drops
  6. Dirty cloths on kids
  7. Newspaper 

Steps for Easy DIY Scratch Art for Kids

  1. Let kids color the entire sheet with one color or color it as colorful as they like(Free art). Create stripes, swirls or random shapes and patterns. Do not leave any white space on the sheet, cover it fully.
  2. Add few drops of liquid wash soap in black tempera paint or poster paint in a small bowl. The proportion is about a drop of soap for a tablespoon of paint. Mix well.
  3. With a flat brush apply a thick layer of black paint on the hard paper, apply two coats if needed to cover the colored paper nicely.
  4. Leave the paper to dry completely.
  5. Make a scratching tool by sharpening a pencil or toothpick
  6. Leave the kids to start scratching with any picture of their choice. 





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