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Parenting is not merely an easy job, and it takes a good deal of communication and understanding between the parent and child to make it work. However, it can be quite frustrating for the parents when kids throw temper tantrums, which is quite normal in the early years. 

As said before, these tantrums are common when they are toddlers and preschoolers. Both the mother and the father are required to understand its cause and devise a strategy to counter it the next time. It is important to remember that kids can throw tantrums for several reasons, and they will cry or even scream their way to reveal their frustration. 

Why Pre-Schoolers Often Have Temper Tantrums 

Mostly the temper tantrums in 3-5 years old kids are an expression of their frustration, anger, dissatisfaction, tiredness, hunger or other things combined. Children usually have a lower attention span rendering them vulnerable to a quick temper. However, on the flip side, it also allows them to cool down quite quickly if the parent knows how to do so. Engaging the child in DIY kits for kids is often recommended by experts! But before proceeding with the solutions, let us understand the root causes of the problem. Hence, we will list a few possible reasons why temper tantrums may usually occur among pre-schoolers. 

  • The most obvious cause for temper tantrums is psychological. As said even before, it could be due to your child feeling sleepy or hungry.
  • One thing you could do is check out the nine temperament traits and try to figure out on which spectrum your child may be. For high activity levels, you will need to burn off some energy. You can try some activity kits for kids to help them occupy their minds and release their energy.
  • Your child will often throw tantrums, and it would be severely wrong to expect that they would learn to control it right away. For example, if you are busy cooking or working on a laptop, try to keep your child engaged with an activity kit for 2-year-old instead of expecting them to sit patiently throughout the time.
  • When you are bringing up a child, you will gradually understand the need for setting up routines for your pre-schooler. Children are more accustomed to routines and prone to following them. Usually, when the routine gets disrupted, the pre-schooler will not like it, which can, in turn, contribute to temper tantrums.
  • If your children are sensitive in general, you need to keep a lookout for them. They could be sensitive to certain sensations, sounds, light, which must be regulated. 

There can be numerous reasons why a child would most likely act enragingly or react unexpectedly. You will need to pay attention to the signs and act on time to tackle such situations. 

Preventing Temper Tantrums In Pre-Schoolers 

So, now that you can put a wild guess on why your child has been throwing temper tantrums, it is time to acknowledge it and work on preventing it from occurring in the first place. Here are a few ideas to help you avoid such situations before they ever happen. 

  • First and foremost, you will need to give your kid plenty of positive attention. All your child need is for you to stay around and give them attention. You can do this, including a little rule of rewarding your child with something they like when they listen to you and don't cause any trouble.
  • The best way for your little one to not cause any severe damage during these meltdowns is to keep important items out of their reach. You cannot merely blame a child for being one; hence, you have got to be cautious.
  • Distraction can be the best way for keeping pre-schoolers from causing any trouble. If you start to witness signs of temper slowly rising within your kid, distract them with something else like an activity box for kids. You can just simply take them out to change their mood.
  • Part of parenting is making your kid learn different skills that would later be implemented in their lives. You can purchase the arts and crafts kits for kids to keep your child occupied and acquire some fine art values. You can also retreat to these learning methods to keep your child engaged when frustrated. 


As the cause of temper tantrums among preschoolers can be many, the ways of avoiding such situations are also quite a few (DIY Kits For Kids being the most popular choice). Most of it depends upon the bond between you and your child. The more you can understand your child and their behaviour, the fewer temper tantrums will take place. Hence it is important to pay close attention to your child and understand what they need the most.

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