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Oct 16, 2021


Awesome Place Fun Pvt Ltd

There is no fixed age for teaching a child about the world, and we as parents can begin it at an early age. They are also very excited to know about their world if we look closely, no matter how tiny they are. As such, sensory play activates all your child's senses and is encouraged even by pediatricians. Again, there is no particular age limit for this, and it is suitable for children from 6 months to 5 years.

Sensory play will give your child many special skills, including creativity, exploration, observation, and imagination. You will also introduce new words to the child and play with them, thereby developing their vocabulary. Also, playing these games with family members gives the child the ability to build social connections. This sensory play is also imperative to keep the brain and nerves functioning properly.

Samples of such sensory play include jelly play, sensory ring, making marks out of flour, making trucks out of the sand, and sensory bin. Of these, the one we focus on the most is the sensory bin. These can be easily set up even at home.

Examples of small items in the home include toys, small bottles, and vegetables. Take some of these, put them in the bottom of a bin, and cover them on top. You can use rice, flour or other nuts to cover this. (Take into account the age of your child and their behaviour. Be sure to stay close to an adult or parent when playing with children). Then let the child sit on something like cloth and give this bin. Make your child play cheerfully. Help your children when needs. Find an item in it and keep the child energized for the game. 

A beach is an excellent place for kids to go. So with the Ocean world Sensory bin, which we have introduced, you can create the beach to your child's liking. It has beautiful sea animals, shells, plants, so you can quickly introduce their names and talk to the child about the behaviour and nature of those animals. It will enable you to give your child an extensive dictionary. Also, It develops their creativity and allows them to learn about animals and what they see on the beach. Finally, with the small aquarium DIY kit that comes with it, you can keep your child more active.

Also, dinosaurs are a favourite species of young children. So with the Dino world sensory bin, we introduce, you can teach your child more about those animals, their behaviour, and eating patterns. Moreover, you can set up that environment with your child and make them feel like they are there. You can also get trees and up to 6 dinosaurs with this package. In addition, the Dinosaur Fossil Making KIT comes with it, which can develop a child's imagination and give them a new experience. Also, with the dinosaur colouring book and coloured green rice, you can give your child natural colours for dinosaurs. 

Introducing such activities without exposing your child to a screen during the day or most of the day can assist your child to become a sociable and active-minded child among other children. The Sensory bin is not just a play, and it causes a broad range of knowledge and skill development to your child. So start playing these games for your child today. 


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