Meaningful and Creative Birthday and Return gifts for 2+yrs


Let's make one today!
Is your kid excited to learn a new and exciting experiment? We have brought you this amazing diy crafts for your kid. Let's start with the experiment.
Take wide mouthed angled container with vinegar and soak eggs in it. Add any food color to make them colorful, we have used rainbow colors to make colorful eggs. Leave the eggs till you see the egg shell bubbles and completely dissolved.
Take the eggs out, and try bouncing them on the floor but not from too far off! See them bouncing.
Materials needed
  • Raw Eggs

  • White Vinegar

  • Clear Jars

  • Food colors if Desired

Let the kids observe the experiment 
Take note of what they see. Are there bubbles? What does the shell look like? Is the egg getting bigger? Smaller? Sinking? Floating?
Why and how?
Vinegar is an acid. Eggshells are made of calcium carbonate. If you soak an egg in vinegar the eggshell will absorb the acid and break down, or dissolve. The calcium carbonate will become carbon dioxide gas, which will go into the air. What is left is the soft tissue that lined the inside of the eggshell. It will bounce! This is one of the creative crafts for kids and an amazing DIY activity that your kids can do in this lockdown.

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