Meaningful and Creative Birthday and Return gifts for 2+yrs


What do little kids love more than gifts? Back when I was a little girl, I always had a list of gifts ready before my birthday or any special occasion, and isn't that the most hopeful moment of our life? Waiting for our grandparents or a favourite aunt to drop by with all the toys we asked for? Even though we find the idea of giving a present and seeing them happy very alluring, the tricky part is selecting the best and most unique birthday gifts for girls as well as for boys. As times are changing, the choices of gifts are changing as well, be it a soap maker, or a terrarium, scrabble or treasure hunts, kids are more inclined towards playing and learning, so here I have some of the most unique birthday gifts including special crafts for kids, that your kid will surely love.

1. A book

If you are shopping for a child who is seven or above, this is truly the best gift you can give to them. A good and engaging storybook will give them a sneak peek into the world and writing, and not just that, they might even develop the habit of reading. You can also take this opportunity to introduce your child to your culture and language, nativity etc.

2. Legos or other building games

Another brilliant idea for a birthday gift for kids could be a lego or any other building game, building games help children develop their higher-level thinking and creativity. Even setting up a dollhouse could be so much fun with putting all the walls together along with the roof and tiles. So if you want to get your child a building game, this would be an investment for the future.

3. Chemistry lab kits / a science experiment

One of the best ways of introducing your kid to the world of science and literature is by introducing it to them through games. If your little one is interested in alchemy and chemistry this might just be the best gift for them. A science experiment kit will come with the apparatus and chemicals and papers that your budding genius might need for the experiment, they would love it.

4. Gardening Kit with tools and books

We know how kids love imitating their parents, and following their lead, so another one of the most unique birthday gifts for your kids could be this. Well, if you have a mini garden or even a terrace garden you must consider gifting them a gardening kit with books on gardening and even their mini plants. This will help your kid engage in something productive and the tiny seeds would help your child set up their first plant and seeing it grow, will be reward enough for a cheerful little kid.

5. DIY Kits

Now, with the growing inquisitiveness and curiosity amongst your little ones, DIY kits are one of the best and most fun and creative gifts that you can present to your kid. It's surprising how much a little kid can learn while playing, be it making your soap, candle or growing your ecosystem, such art and crafts for kids can be very engaging and nurturing, you can teach your child so much in such little time.

When your child starts engaging in such fun activities, like making their chocolates, or even a dinosaur fossil, you will be teaching your kid so much more than you could have in any other way. Also, these kits and games are so much fun that you could play with your kids too and learn fun things all over them.

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